I was lucky enough to hang with my beautiful sister Nicola West at her shop (W35T) today. We are playing around with new ways to advertise her clothing so we spent a couple of hours dancing around #DressedinW35T.


Perfume Genuis + Palomo Spain = dying rn <333


An equally amazing and unexpected new friend Gisele (from Waif) and I spent the morning brainstorming concepts for her jewelry brands next look book. Our inspiration is surreal art from masters like Margritte, Arcimboldo and Dali. I'm really looking forward to shooting this with a crew of talented creative friends.

these are some of our reference pictures...

Biggest news of the month:

ABSYNTHE #002 is coming!


How amazing is this poster that Derrick Pitts for us made us?! I'm so excited for the second installment of this party. Absynthe is a decadent disordering of the sense, a curious collection of characters and music. Check out more here.

I'll post the event link on here soon!

I'm really enjoying documenting my process on here so I'm committing myself to it more often :)