Waif fashion Film featured on Elle South Africa with styling by Gavin Mikey Collins. View here

Produced by Gisèle Human & Zayd Halim, Written by Gisèle Human & Aadil Dhalech, Jewellery by Waif, Directed by Aadil Dhalech, Starring Inge Beckmann Cinematography by Devin Toselli, Edited Lucian Barnard, Music by Nic Van Reenen, Hair & Make-Up by Diana Asherson, Colouring by Nic Apostol & Body double Frances Marais

Tokyo James AW18 campaign video creative direction and styling by Gavin Mikey Collins  

Filmed and directed by Travys Owen

Denai Moore music video for Desolately Devoted

Wardrobe & Styling by Gavin Mikey Collins, Directed by Travys Owen, Commissioned by Jane Third, Produced by Jessica Schipper, Hair & Make-Up by Tina Hoffmann, Production Company The Video Cartel

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Tokyo James AW17 campaign video

Creative Direction by Gavin Mikey Collins, Videography by Neil Roberts, Grooming by Kally Boyiatjis, Edited by Derrick Pitts, Featuring Samuel from Full Circle Models

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Bye Beneco Paraffin music video

Styling by Gavin Mikey Collins, Costume Designer Crystal Birch, Director Ying Poi De Lazy